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Human First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit I have tailored this to fit my needs since I usually hike either completely alone or with just a dog. I don’t carry things like splints because I haven’t had the...

Past Trips

Here are some stories and photos of trips I’ve taken in the past. High Country Pathway 2005 Trip Photos 2005 High Country Pathway 2004 Potowatomi Trail 2004 Manistee River Trail 2002

Drop Box Planning

These are a couple of files I created when I was still planning to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail in 2004. Since I never did that trip they’ve been sitting on my laptop’s hard drive...

Finished Objects

2008 This was so long to knit. I couldn’t get it right, but it finally worked out.

Make Your Own Dog Leash!

Sick of paying $10 or more for a good leash that you trash on the first trail outing? Don’t want to pay the high prices for custom lengths? Make your own. Here’s how. Snaps-...

Make Your Own Lash Straps!

I like making these. No time to speak of to make yet you feel like you really accomplished something. Materials needed: 1″ nylon web- desired strap length + 8″ 1″ ladder lock. Poly thread...

Hot Weather and Dogs

Hot weather can lead to several serious health or safety concerns in both you and your dog. WIth a little preparation you can still enjoy the summer months with your dog.