Make Your Own Lash Straps!

I like making these. No time to speak of to make yet you feel like you really accomplished something.

Materials needed:

  • 1″ nylon web- desired strap length + 8″
  • 1″ ladder lock.
  • Poly thread
  • needle

Cut and seal one end of the web at an angle. It makes threading it through the ladder easier later on.

Sew the ladder lock in the flat end of the web. Some are labeled with the top so you know which way to put it together. If you put it on upside down it doesn’t seem to hold as well. If it’s not labeled, it’s the side where the middle rung is flush with the surface. Sew the strap around the flat end of the ladder.

That’s all there is to making them. Now you know why I think they’re good to make so you feel productive.