Drop Box Planning

These are a couple of files I created when I was still planning to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail in 2004. Since I never did that trip they’ve been sitting on my laptop’s hard drive ever since.

I believe they would be useful for many types of trips, not just hiking. For instance, a cross-country bicycle trip or long canoeing adventure.

The first sheet is a list of every drop you will be making, where it will be shipped to, and how far the next drop is (you can choose to do miles, kilometers, or days). You can also add other resupply information, such as stores near the trail, restaurants, etc.

The second sheet is a list of everything that needs to go in that drop. This way your contact person can buy food and ship it rather than having food sitting for weeks or months and possibly spoiling. When you fill out your drop sheet, make a copy of it and put the copy in the previous drop box as well (ie. make a copy of what’s in drop #4 and put that list in drop #3). This way you’ll know what is or isn’t coming in your next drop and plan accordingly.

Both sheets have a ship date and expected arrival date to make it easier on the contact person and the one out on the trail.

Both sheets are in .pdf format.

Please give feedback on these items so I can adjust them to what travelers need.