Human First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

I have tailored this to fit my needs since I usually hike either completely alone or with just a dog. I don’t carry things like splints because I haven’t had the need for one, even after badly spraining my ankle while hiking or even after breaking my leg not on the trail. I also don’t carry a pair of scissors because there is a pair on my Leatherman. If yours comes with tweezers, etc, you might want to omit those. The quantities listed may vary by the trip I take and what I expect to deal with while I’m out there.

I carry my pencil and notebook separate from the first aid kit, however I’ve included it here since it’s a useful piece of first aid. It can be used for writing notes to rescuers in the case of being very lost, or for simply keeping track of things like heart rate, wound progression, etc.

I haven’t yet added a CPR microshield to my kit, though I may in the future. The vinyl gloves are included not for use on my own wounds, but in case I should need to help another trail user.

One further note: this is not intended to replace knowledge, training, or awareness of your surroundings.

I have CPR/First Aid training, but have not yet been trained in Wilderness First Aid/CPR. I also would like to, some time in the near future, be properly trained in animal First Aid/CPR due to my hiking partner of choice. Any (and all) of these would be wise to take before heading out into the wilds, even just for a day hike.


Anti-diarrheal—1 card (6 tabs)

Laxative/fiber caplets—1 card

Anti-histamine—1 card (12 tabs)

Sinus caplets—1 card  (12 tabs)

Triple antibiotic ointment—1 small tube or individually wrapped doses

Ibuprofen—small bottle

Baby aspirin (for dogs)—small bottle

Wound Care

Fabric adhesive bandages, assorted sizes and shapes—2-3 each size

Syringe (w/o needle) for irrigating wounds—1

Vet Wrap—1 roll

2” cotton gauze—1 roll

Large Nexcare bandages—4

2” x 2” gauze pads—4

Moleskin—1-3 pads

Hydrocortisone cream—1 small tube or individually wrapped doses

Burn cream—1 small tube or individually wrapped doses

Alcohol prep pads—4-10


Vinyl examination gloves—1 pair

Insect sting and bite relief swabs—2-5

Tweezers—1 small pair

Cotton swabs for cleaning debris from wounds, eyes, etc.—1 small package (24 ct)

Phone card—1 (for scraping away insect stingers or thorns, etc. plus its intended purpose)

Emergency contact numbers

Small pencil/notebook