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Halo in her Wolf Packs Banzai pack.

Gear Review: Wolf Packs Banzai

I recently completed an Owner Review of the Wolf Packs Banzai dog pack for Ranger and Halo used their packs on over 100 miles of recent adventures. Check it out here.

How to change a bicycle innertube

Here in southeastern Indiana we’re having a bit of ping-pong weather–it’s going back and forth between deep cold and reasonably close to spring. This has spurred me on to clean up my gear and...

Paracord Leashes

I was recently at a show where a little boy was selling some really cool paracord show leads. I bought one (orange and black, naturally) and really like it. A friend bought a pink...

Summer Training

I found this great blog about small dog team training. There is great info on skijoring, scootering, and bikejoring.