Summer Training

I found this great blog about small dog team training. There is great info on skijoring, scootering, and bikejoring.

I’ve owned a bikejoring setup for several years, but have never had a dog that was the right dog to train with it. I haven’t tried it with Ranger yet but may this season just to see what will happen. I’d also like to try canicross with him since he’s done well with something similar (running in a pack while tied to my waist via a bikejor line). I have a good (not excellent) mountain bike, but am seriously out of shape. This could be continued incentive to get off my butt and exercise.

I also very much want to invest in the Pawtrekker Freetail. I say this because somewhere in the back of my head I am still going to try a dryland dog race. If I do ever get one of these (or even one of the lower-end models) it will be a while as I have various bills that take precedence to my wants–such as car payments and brake jobs. I know it’s just the thing for me because it comes in bright orange.