Gear Closet Cleanout Sale

Hey all,


I was cleaning out my gear closet and discovered that I have entirely too much stuff in there. I have a lot of dog packs for reasons I won’t get into here, but I want to get them out of my closet and into the hands of people who will use them.

Note: while I have prices listed, I’m also willing to work out a trade.


(Click pictures to embiggen)


They are:


*SOLD*Ruffwear Pallisades II pack, size medium, new with tags. It has a matching Bamboo brand collar/leash combo. Red. $65 US.*SOLD*

*SOLD* Ruffwear Pallisades II pack, size medium, new with tags. It has matching a Bamboo brand collar/leash combo. Blue. $65 US. *SOLD* NOTE: The Collar is still available.

Ruffwear Palisades II pack, size medium, well used, but has a lot of life left in it. It no longer has the water bladders–or at least I can’t find them. It’s also the original style from the “reboot” where there is no binding around the foam of the harness. Blue. $30 US.



**SOLD** Ruffwear Approach II pack, size medium, new with tags. Red. $50 US. **SOLD**

**SOLD** Mountainsmith Dog Pack II. Well used, but a lot of life left in it. Red. $20 US. Update This also has a small collapsible bowl that comes with it. **SOLD**

I also have some people gear:


GoLite Women’s Odyssey pack (2008 version). New with tags. Size: Medium. Color: Lip (brick red). $100 US.

I’ll ship anywhere, but the buyer pays the actual shipping. I prefer Paypal for payment. Please contact me if you are interested.


I’ll likely have more gear available before too long.


Please share with your friends if they are in the market for this kind of thing. I’ll likely list them at an online market or three if I don’t get much interest in a few weeks.