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Updates on Training

Okay, so my attempts at a weekly posting have really gone awry over the past month. I got crazy with work and, between the heat and the rain, I just haven’t been out much....

Continued conditioning

I’ve been stepping up Ranger’s conditioning over the past several weeks. Compared to how he looked a month ago I can see some genuine muscle development. In the past month his chest has expanded...

Summer Training

I found this great blog about small dog team training. There is great info on skijoring, scootering, and bikejoring.

Canine Health Records

Since I got back from Louisiana a few weeks ago I’ve had: minor injury (Ranger), major illness (Beau), minor illness (me), and another minor injury (Ranger again).

Dog Star Daily dog training videos

My friends Mel & Jeff run Training Tracks Canine Learning Station. Last summer they put together a couple of training videos that are now available at DogStarDaily. I got a small walk on run...