The award for the most bizarre injury of the week goes to:


After 5 days on the road (including 1 tent night and 4 nights sleeping in the Jeep over the course of 2000 miles and 6 states), swimming in cold lake water, and going for a 5 mile run, Ranger developed a strange condition.

His tail goes limp a few inches from his body and it seems quite painful. He can’t find a place to sit or sleep that doesn’t hurt his tail. For the little dog who never stops wagging his tail, this is very strange and had me worried.

After a bit of research I found out it’s called Limber Tail Syndrome. It’s known by other names such as Limp Tail Syndrome, Broken Tail, Broken Wag, and Cold Water Tail. Basically, he strained his butt muscles and needs to rest for a few days. He’s relaxing, getting a hot compresses on his butt, and getting baby aspirin every few hours.

He’s significantly better today than he was last night, so I’m optimistic it’ll heal up quickly.

By the way, we didn’t win anything while on the road, but visited with friends from Ontario to Florida, BC to Virgina, many parts of California, four corners of Mississippi, Louisiana, places between and as far away as Germany. Much good food was eaten, good beer was drank, dead trees were burned, and a good time was had by all.