Weekend fun and stress

I just got back from a UKC dog show in Wapakoneta, OH. While we were there Ranger earned two more competition wins toward his GRCH title. He just needs one more to finish that title! He also comes home with 4 Top Ten points from the weekend. Ranger needs to get some more muscle, so we’ll be using the bike leash and weight pull harness a LOT over the next few months. That was the fun part of my weekend.

The not-so-fun part actually started a week ago. Beau worked through his cow knuckle very quickly, which caused problems with his GI tract. Long (and TMI heavy) story later, Beau passed the last of an impaction caused by an overdose of cow knuckle. He is much better now and will be on electrolyte replacer for a few more days to make sure he’s well hydrated and so all the last little bits in his system can dissolve. It turns out that Beau, unlike Ranger, will eat all the meat off the bone then eat the bone itself in just a matter of hours. Ranger, on the other hand, will eat all the soft bits and take 2-3 weeks to work on the bone. Lesson learned: Beau doesn’t get any more chew bones like that.