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Updates on Training

Okay, so my attempts at a weekly posting have really gone awry over the past month. I got crazy with work and, between the heat and the rain, I just haven’t been out much....

PCT Hiker Meals on the Cheap had two of their reporters (Adam Kaufman and his girlfriend, Katie Lorah) go to a bulk food store to stock up on supplies to fill drop boxes on their Pacific Crest Trail hike.

Continued conditioning

I’ve been stepping up Ranger’s conditioning over the past several weeks. Compared to how he looked a month ago I can see some genuine muscle development. In the past month his chest has expanded...

Summer Training

I found this great blog about small dog team training. There is great info on skijoring, scootering, and bikejoring.

Canine Health Records

Since I got back from Louisiana a few weeks ago I’ve had: minor injury (Ranger), major illness (Beau), minor illness (me), and another minor injury (Ranger again).

Earth Day 2010 Part Deux

Since today is Earth Day I thought I’d share some more eco-friendly stuff: Ruff Wear has a line of eco-sensitive dog equipment. Aquamarine Power’s Oyster is a possible future form of harnessing energy from...

Earth Day 2010

Earth Day is coming up this Thursday. One of the events I’m working on for work is a tree planting day. The trees are being planted to help control erosion, provide habitat for wildlife,...