As long as we remember him.

There once was a little puppy.


And he liked peanuts.


And playing with his brothers and sisters.


And he was happy.


And silly.

And polite.


He loved life.


He loved his friends.


He loved naps


And fuzzy blankets


He loved car rides


And ice cream


He loved his people.


Especially his special person.


They went on adventures together.


They went hiking, and biking, and swimming.

Buckeye Trail, Ohio
Adena Trace Trail, Indiana
Adena Trace Trail, Indiana
Appalachian Trail Approach Trail, Georgia
Currahee Mountain, Georgia
Camp Toccoa/Currahee Mountain, Georgia
Col. Sink Trail/Currahee Mountian, Georgia
Appalachian Trail Approach Trail Trailhead
Appalachian Trail Approach Trail, Springer Mountain, Georgia.
Black Gap Shelter, Springer Mountain, Georgia
Sassafras Mountain, South Carolina
Laurel Highlands Trail, Pennsylvania
Land Between the Lakes, Kentucky
Mountain Crossings, Blairsville, Georgia
Appalachian Trail southern terminus, Springer Mountain, Georgia
Buckeye Trail southern terminus, Cincinnati, OH
Foothills Trail eastern terminus, South Carolina
Sheltowee Trace Trail HQ, Livingston, KY



He was very brave.


Except for slick floors.


And he kept her safe from scary things. 


Even if those scary things were little garter snakes.


And they competed in lots of fun things.


Like weight pull.


And Lure Coursing.


And hunting instinct tests.


And dock jumping (though he wasn’t very excited about it).


He was even a show dog.

Best Veteran in Show


And they earned lots of awards together.

NALC B-bay 2016 Nationals Trial Winner
NWDA 2011 Nationals 60# Weight Class Winner
UKC Top Ten Best of Breed 2009



He earned many titles.




Then he had babies!


And he loved his babies.


And they won lots of awards, too.



They made lots of new friends along the way.



Then one day he got hurt and had to go the hospital.


The doctors tried very hard, but sometimes things get so broken they can’t be fixed.


And his people got broken, too.



There once was a little puppy.



And he was loved.



In loving memory



July 15, 2008 – November 18, 2017

  1. Ranger was amazing. I spent many days in the ring with him. He was always a joy and so fun to watch!

  2. Amanda, you and Ranger were made for one another, may he rest in peace, knowing he was well and truly loved, and gave the same in return.

  3. Amanda – This is a lovely tribute… Now that I have Captain I better understand your love and bond with Ranger… Remembering them is important…

  4. There’s a special place in our hearts for the truly exceptional bonds – may the circle he unbroken.

  5. Such a beautiful remembrance. He certainly was loved and gave so much love back to you, unquestioningly and faithfully. You had a very special bond and nothing can ever take that away; even though he’s not here in body, his spirit lives on in his pups and all around you.

  6. Paws to heaven. A good life, a great love. A friend in this life and the next. Till you meet again on trails in heaven. Ranger.

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