2008/09/24– Across Indiana

The PBS Program “Across Indiana” (produced by WFYI, Indianapolis) came out at the end of August to shoot some footage of the park where I work and live (well, the Park end of it. the other end, Brookville Lake, is 16,000 acres with 5,000 of that in water).

We spent 8 hours out on the lake (Whitewater Lake, 200 acres), on the horse trails, in the campgrounds, etc. gathering interviews and just cool looking footage of people enjoying themselves.

At one point while on the lake I was asked why I like to work here and I gave my canned response of “This is my office!” as the camera panned at the scenery (Whitewater is very calm, it’s trolling motors only). A few minutes later Jay, the camera man, was still rolling and I was still miked while I pointed at some trees. “My house is over there. I’m really lucky that not only do I work here, but this is my back yard.” Which, of course, is the sound bite they liked better than the canned response.

Included with this was the host’s dog Darby (a 13 year old Lab/Husky mix), who is the mascot of this segment. She got to go on the boat, on a hayride, and walk around a bit as we visited with people.

The segment is somewhere in the 4-5 minute range and will air on WFYI (Indy channel #20) on October 27 at 7:30–the season premier. Other Indiana PBS stations will carry it either that week or the week after.

For folks outside of Indiana, or outside the reach of any Indiana PBS stations (yours truly–Dayton and Oxford, OH stations here), it’s also going to be available online at :

Across Indiana

It’s under the archives section at the bottom. Program #1901.

Beau didn’t get to do a cameo. Oh well.