2008/05/27–UberPest.com Appears in the Book Dog Park Wisdom

I got a book in the mail today, Dog Park Wisdom by Lisa Wogan. Lisa contacted me last year about putting my site in the book as a place to get info on hiking with dogs. It’s plugged on pages 110-111 (via a plug for backpackgeartest.org), with a bio in the back for Beau and me, plus some of our online friends from the Traildog email list (member since 1999, mod since 2001).

It was really nice to look in the book today and have a mention of Lucy. The book went to press just before Lucy passed away.

The author has a site here: http://dogparkwisdom.wordpress.com/ with the May 10 entry linking to my site (the instructions for the poop baggie dispenser, specifically).

This is the second book that’s plugged my site. It was also in Fido Friendly magazine several years back (2001?). Several “big” bloggers (Two-Heel Drive, The Goat, The Torontoist, and a couple of others) picked me up over the past year. I got “totalfarked” once and thought that would kill my server….