2007/11/25– UberPest.com Appears in the Book Outdoors Online

I fat fingered my URL the other day when I was coming here to post how Beau did in Canada. I instead got a Google search for my website. Nothing major, right? WRONG. I found this book–Outdoors Online: An Internet Guide to Everything Wild & Green by Erika Dillman (The Mountaineers, 2007). On page 141 (thank you Google Books!) there is a section titled “Trail Terriers” and it references this website (ding!). The most interesting thing, IMO, is not that the author says “Terriers” when I, in fact, have Curs… but that the names of my pets are Lucy, Beau, and Stuffy. As in my stuffed dog that I take places for fun. Kind of a stunt dog. I’m kind of curious how much time they spent researching my site… or if they just pulled a description off dmoz or something.

In any case, I’m looking for a copy of the book and if anyone has one they no longer need, I’ll be more than happy to take it off their hands (buy or trade, I’m not a Scrooge) so I can have it for my collection.