The Dogs

The heart, soul, and stuffing of this site.

Beau is my buddy. He’s the one that gets me into trouble. He’s my heart dog. (he’s also my sisu dog, for the Finns out there). Beau’s breeder is Cat’s Cradle’s Catahoulas. One of my brothers owns Cat’s Cradle’s Jake– a black and brindle 3/4 brother to Beau

Ranger is my new little buddy. He’s Beau’s sidekick and I hope he follows in the Big Man’s footsteps. Ranger’s breeder is J Cross’ Catahoulas.

Lucy was the first dog that was mine and not my entire family’s dog. She went through 4-H and a lot of other learning processes with me. She is my heart dog. She passed away in August 2007.

Tommy was my first purebred Catahoula and also a rescue dog. He was Lucy’s half-brother by their father. He was well loved by all who knew him. He passed away in December 2001.

Stuffy is the fake dog.

Believe it or not, but this site used to be just about hiking with dogs–no gear patterns, no paddling, no nuthin’. It’s amazing how things change over time.

If you like hiking or backpacking with your dog(s) grab the official Traildog pamphlet below, assembled as a joint effort by subscribers.

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