Adventures with Stuffy
A PhotoJournal of America as seen through the eyes of a stuffed dog.

Depot Town (Ypsilanti, MI)– September 16, 2001

Calvin and Hobbes Van– September 19, 2001

Toronto, Ontario (Canada)– December 27-30, 2001

Motorsports Hall of Fame (Novi, MI)– February 15, 2002

Red River Gorge (Daniel Boone National Forest in KY)- March 4-9, 2002

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Stuffy is the official Forum Mascot of Uncle Bob’s Diner

Before you email telling me how weird I am… I know. He’s just a bit of fun while I’m at my dorm and can’t have my real dogs. As a plus he can go places and do things real dogs can’t. If you have an idea of what else he could do, email me.