Lucy Anna Skye, MB-CD, CGC

Mixed Breed Dog Clubs of America Companion Dog
Canine Good Citizen
Multiple High in Trial Winner
Multiple Reserve High in Trial Winner
Lucy passed away on August 12, 2007. She will be missed.

Lucy was originally a throw-away dog rescued from euthanasia in April 1996. I do not know how old she was when I got her, but best estimates were about four years old. She passed away at approximately 15 years old in August 2007. I have many years of fond memories from my girl and she leaves behind proof that one person’s trash is another’s treasure. There is a hole in my heart from losing my friend. I will miss her forever.

Lucy was half Catahoula Leopard (Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog) and half Australian Cattle Dog

The Catahoula half is what first intrigued me, so that’s the half I know about. The Catahoula Leopard is a Cur dog. They were orginally develeoped in the swamps of the south and are still used for hunting hogs, coon, possum, deer, and squirrels. Today they can also be seen in SAR, therapy, agility, obedience, law enforcement, sledding, bear and big cat hunting as well as many other venues. They are the official State Dog of Louisiana and are recognized by several registries including the NALC, LCCA, CCBA, ARF, UKC and can also be shown in the ACA, which is not a registry, but one of the most prominant all-encompasing clubs.

She was trained for therapy work (did many visits to a local nursing home while I was in high school), obedience, packing, sledding, and agility. On her awards page there are some links to the pictures from a particualar show as well as the score cards. Click on the title of that show and it should take you there. Go here for her gear list.

She was trained through the 4-H program, as well as additional training from me alone. See this page for tips on training for the 4-H dog project.

She was registered through The Mixed Breed Dog Clubs of America, through which she earned her Mixed Breed Companion Dog (MB-CD) degree. She could do all of the exercises for the MB-CDX title except the broad jump. She could also do a directed jump (high jump/bar jump) as well as a retrieve over high jump and retrieve over bar jump.

She was also registered through the United Kennel Club Limited Privledge Program. I hoped to get her United Companion Dog (U-CD) degree. Due to injury (Lucy’s ACL tear in 2000/2001) and time constraints from completing my degree, I chose to retire Lucy from competition before obtaining this title. She passed her remaining years being spoiled and loved.