Area Guides and Trip Reports

Initially I had several sections on this site for different outdoor pursuits. I’ve consolidated everything into this one section to make it easier to find something fun to do.

Hiking and Backpacking



Trip Reports


Coming Eventually:

  • Lightweight Gear
  • Recipies and Trail Food

If you like hiking or backpacking with your dog(s) download TraildogBrochure.pdf for the official Traildog pamphlet, assembled as a joint effort by Traildog subscribers.
269k in .pdf format.

How about Identifying your pup? Here are some Traildog ID tags with a Pack Tag for a Male or a Pack Tag for a Female.
87K in .pdf format.

Fun stuff

Make a custom gift paddle


American Canoe Association
Make a Canoe Paddle
Paddle Making 101
Trading Post Canoe
Bracing and rolling video (in French)