Trip Photos 2005

Kekionga Trail (Indiana)

April 9, 2005

10 miles, 6 hours

Here’s one of him at the dam that created Roush Lake and another of him taking a little rest trailside. There’s also a weird little sign I found.

Potowatomi Trail-Pinckney State Recreation Area (Michigan)

July 9-10, 2005

16.5 miles, 2 days

Day one was about 12 miles. I was hot and tired, the Beau was hot and tired, we were both stressed from constantly jumping out of the way of mountain bikers. He crashed pretty hard on my sleeping bag (and puffy self inflating sleeping pad) in the tent.

These pictures aren’t really all that funny one at a time, but when you get the series you can tell how beat he was–I had plenty of opportunity to play with the flash, lighting, focus (macro and normal), plus different angles.

Then the next morning I got the treat of camping, so the only way I could get a picture of both Beau and the lake is to have the sun at his back. Still a neat effect.

North County Trail-Manistee National Forest (Michigan)

July 22-23, 2005

23 miles, 2 days

The North Country Trail Association Schoolhouse is located at roughly the halfway point of the (approximately) 4000 mile trail. The sign above the door reads “< — Lake Sakakawea North Dakota 1933 miles/Crown Point New York 1958 miles– >” (I can’t make out the numbers real well and I didn’t write them down at the time)

He showed me how to get across a creek.

Then there’s a certain someone letting you know where he is.