How are you doing out there?

Are you hanging in?

I’m on self-isolation as much as possible, however my job is considered essential, so I’m still working a little bit. Like everyone else I’m going to be feeling this for a long time.

Which means my little victory garden is super important as is planning out what I’m eating and sticking to the plan.

Right now Dad and I layed out the footprint for the straw bale garden to see if it’s going to be a good location or if it’s going to be in the middle of where we’re doing everything.

The remnants of last year’s failed container garden are on a concrete pad next to where I’m using cattle panels (not shown) to keep deer and dogs from raiding my veggies. That’s one of the failures I had last year and hopefully this remedies it. I think I’m going to keep some containers, like the repurposed stock tanks, on the concrete to free up space inside the fence for more straw bales. The compost will also be inside the fencing. I have enough biomass that I should be able to get a hot compost for once.

It’s a drop in the bucket of dealing with *waves hands* everything, but it’s something.

Be safe out there, look out for each other, and wash your hands.