Dehydrating food: Mushrooms

I had some stew beef that I canned last winter that I wanted to use up, so on the way home from work yesterday I stopped and got a few things to make beef stroganoff. My local grocer had several packs of sliced shiitake mushrooms on sale for stupid cheap. Thankfully I have my dehydrator accessible at all times for just such an occasion.


1.76 lbs/28 oz/786 g before dehydrating.


Spread out in a single layer on the dehydrator trays. I removed every other tray for better air flow. I set the thermostat at 125 F/52 C and went about my business for the evening/night/morning.

They were probably dried in the 8 hour range, but as thick as some of the slices were I’m sure 12 hours didn’t hurt in the slightest.


2.1 oz/60 g after dehydrating.


Here they are vacuum sealed inside of glass jars for long term storage in my dark cupboard. They’re now ready for use in soups, stews, stock, rice, stir fry, stock, trail meals, etc.