About a week ago I was contacted by Daniele at Petable-Portraits.com regarding Daniele doing a portrait of one of my dogs. Since I have a ton of pictures of Beau, and Ranger isn’t done turning into a little dog yet (he’s going through some crazy growth spurts), I chose Beau as the subject of the portrait.

I sent her several pictures with Beau NOT wearing his pack, but she chose to do the portrait with Beau in his pack since it shows he’s not just out for a jaunt, but he’s out with his person as a working partner.

Well, to say the least the preliminary sketch she sent me blew me away. Seriously, I would have been fine with just that sketch and would gladly frame that and hang it on my wall. But she’s continued to impress me with her talent and has some of the progress of Beau’s portrait on her site.

Beau’s portrait in progress

If you’re familiar with the area, the park in the background is Scott Mill Park near the town of Scott, IN in LaGrange County. It’s the site of a former grist mill. LaGrange County Parks was my first Parks job while I was in college. The covered footbridge spans the Pigeon River. My first job with Indiana’s Department of Natural Resources was at Pigeon River Fish and Wildlife Area; Pigeon’s HQ is upriver several miles.

The second picture is from Preimer 2003 when Beau got 2nd in a class of 5 Champions (his first time in the Champion class). It’s one of the pictures that sits on my desk at work.

[edited to fix my mistake of repeatedly typing Daniele’s name incorrectly because I am a dope.]