2008/10/27–Go West Young Man

Today I got to briefly meet a very cool Cowboy, Mr. John Wayne Haynes. He is traveling from his home in Michigan to New Mexico to visit his family. His is no ordinary road trip, however, as he is on horseback (2-year-old Misty, and Appaloosa). and is accompanied by his pack horse (Harley, 23, another Appaloosa) and dog, Sheila. I didn’t get to talk to him very long, but heard about his stop from an online friend many states away. Her hometown is nearby and Mr. Haynes stopped to spend the weekend in my neighborhood.

Mr. Haynes is hoping to make it to NM to spend Easter with his family.

Unfortunately, the story about his stay near me isn’t available online without a subscription, but I did find more info on him from other peoples’ sites and blogs.

Left to Right: Harley, Misty, John, and Shiela.