2007/06/28– Update on Beau part 2.

Beau had his cleanup surgery today. The incision on his side had to be redone to clean up the edges of the wound since he pulled the stitches out with his teeth. He now has 4 stitches in his side instead of the original 3. We’re also going to try padding the stitches on his neck and putting the Elizabethan collar on him anyway– whatever little bit of irritation the collar causes the neck stitches is overruled by him not picking at his side again. His neck is doing beautifully, probably because he can’t reach it to pull at anything.

On an even brighter note– NO CANCER. The biopsy came back clean. Whew!

Glad to read that Beau’s
Submitted by knit chick (not verified) on Sun, 2007-07-08 21:38.
Glad to read that Beau’s biopsy came back clean. FYI… I came to your blog by way of your review of the Esbit Pocket Stove on http://www.backpackgeartest.org. I poked around your blog a bit and found you are knitter, too. 🙂