2007/06/22– Beau Had Surgery Today

Beau had a couple of lumps removed today. One is at the base of his neck, where his collar sits and a little to his left, and the other is on his last rib on his right side.

The “new” vet at the vet we’ve been going to since we moved here almost 14 years ago is a classmate of mine from Jr. High/High School. She ended up shaving him more than she was expecting to. She felt pretty bad about it since I show him… having his shaved so much is why I waited until AFTER UKC Premier to have the lumps removed. Not that he won anything anyway, but at least he had a chance. The one on his neck–about the size of a ping-pong ball– was fluid that exploded when they cut into it. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

The one on his side–about the size of a pencil eraser– isn’t likely cancer, but it was doing unpleasant things. It’s going in for a biopsy to be sure.