2007/04/06– Goodbye, Parade

Parade, our little Basenji, was put to sleep today due to kidney failure. She turned 14 last fall and lived with us since she was 4. We brought her home in a fluffy blanket because she loved them. She was buried next to Max, our GSD/Collie and Tommy, our first purebred Catahoula (also Lucy’s half-brother).

She was a fun little dog. Her best trick was “right foot/wrong foot.” She injured her right foot a month or so after she came to live with us. For years after she’d limp up with her left foot hanging… until you told her “that’s the wrong foot.” She’d immediately start walking on her left foot and keep her right foot in the air. She also mimicked Lucy’s injury (ACL tear 5-6 years ago that still hurts her and makes her limp and turn her rear from time to time) to the point where we thought she was hurt, too… but as soon as she heard someone with treats, her injury would magically heal.

I was sitting, holding Parade, waiting for Mom and Dad to come home so we could all go to the vet’s together… as soon as Parade heard the car door close she picked her head up. Just before we left the heater kicked on and Parade did all she could to sit by the warm like she has ever since she first came here (she was notorious for burns on her butt from sitting too close to the stove in the winter time–she was always cold). She was well-conditioned for treats with Dad– any time she heard the “Hockey Night in Canada” theme she’d run through the house and jump up on the couch with him, then scratch at his arm for her share of popcorn.

She was fast friends with my sister-in-law’s orange tabby when he lived with us for a few months. He’s been waiting for her to come play on the other side for a couple of years now.

This is a picture of her from about the time she came to live with us. She’s cuddled up in one of her favorite places, enjoying some of her favorite fluffy things.

I’m really going to miss her.