Stuffy Does Depot Town

September 16, 2001

Names on the Memorial Marker
Erected by tthe Michigan State Normal School
In Memory of its students who died at the front in the war of the Rebellion

Cyrus F. Whalen
Malvin W.Presser
James T. Morgan
James W. Bingham
John H. Marvin
Webster Ruckman
Fred S. Webb
Henry Gould
Freeman Spear
Alexander McKinnon
Joseph R. Nute
Charles Pinkerton
David E. Rounds
Gaines Rudd
William S. Tibbits
Norton Marshall
Joel B. Way
Morris G. Walker
Charles A. Andrews
Edward Bigelow
James E. Burr
Alfred N. Beal
Lemeul Blount
Frank M. Buell
Samuel B. Bonney
Alfonso B. Hawkins
Henry C. Lawrence
James S. Lane
A.H.P. Morehouse
Samuel R. Morse