Sleeping Gear

SLEEPING BAG- Coleman 15° Mummy

Holofil insulation with nylon tafeta shell. Made for folks up to 6’2″, so I swim in it at 5’4″. This extra space gives me enough room to bring my dog in if need be. Box construction on the foot gives plenty of room for my big old feet. Also plenty of room for drying clothes. It is a bit heavy- 5lbs, but nice for cold nights, car camping and the like.

$50 at Campmor and many other local or online stores.

SLEEPING PAD- Ozark Trail Closed Cell Foam Pad

72″ X 20″ X 1/2″. Weighs about 10 ounces and works well in any situation. Doesn’t hold water and is highly flexible at first. After a couple of seasons it’s pretty stiff and hard to roll. Still works fine for the dogs and is cheaper to replace once it’s full of toenail holes. Light enough for me and even some ultralighters. Comfortable on soft ground, but if on solid rock it leaves something to be desired. If you wanted to lose weight you can cut it down to 3/4 length.

$6 at Wal-Mart
TENT- Nortwest Territory Backpacker Tent

Not a bad tent for a beginner or for the kids in the back yard. Very weighty- over 5 lbs for 1-2 people- and needs the vent on the door open to get any air circulation at all (also, risk of CO2 build up). Also doesn’t breathe well as there is always condensation running down the walls, but on the upside it never let rain hit me on the head and was a cheap tent for a high school student to buy. Nylon walls, shockcorded fiberglass poles and a regular poly tarp foor. Plenty of room for two sleeping pads side by side so I could fit me, my dog and all our gear in with plenty of room to spare.

$20 at K-Mart