Make Your Own Belt!

Just a couple of ideas I liked using for belts.

Style #1- very easy to make and use

Materials needed:

  • Your waist measurement + 6″ of 1″ nylon web
  • 1″ D-rings (2) or 1″ ladder lock (1).
  • Poly thread
  • needle

Cut and seal one end of the web at an angle. It makes threading it through the rings/ladder easier later on.

Sew either two D-rings or a ladder lock in the flat end of the web.

That’s all there is to making it, but to use the D-ring version you need to thread the angled end through both rings, fold it back over the first ring and back out the second. It’s just like the straps on a motorcycle helmet. For the ladderlock style use like a lash strap.

Style #2- another that works well

Materials needed:

  • Your waist measurement + 18″ or so of 1″ nylon web
  • 1″ slide release buckle
  • 1″ triglide slider
  • Poly thread
  • needle
  • 1″ D-ring (optional)

Bear with me… this is the exact same pattern as the dog collar, except in this case the D-ring is optional. I just used the same pattern to save space and effort. Some people do like the D-ring as it allows for a hands-free leash or a place to clip on a snap or carabiner.

Sew the female end of the buckle into one end of the web.

Weave the other end of the buckle around the male end of the buckle and through the slider.

There you have it- another belt!

This style is nice because it has any excess length of web held out of the way. You can tighten or loosen this one easily by adjusting the slider.