Kitchen Equipment

STOVE- Turbo270 by CampingGaz.

Good stove, user freindly, (adjusts like my range at home), the shorter canister is more stable. Heats in a short time (3-4 min for 1L). Heavy at 9 ounces for the stove and 270 or 470g for the fuel canisters (Propane/Butane).

$30 at Campmor

COOK POT- 2L Stainless steel Cookpot/Frypan combo by Texsport

Weighing in at 1.1 lb for the set it is too much for a ultralighter, but I refuse to use aluminum. Copper coated bottom and rounded sides make for easy cleanup. After use in a very hot fire the copper dissappeared, so be aware of that. My pot grippers had no problems clamping on to the side. 6.5″ diameter, the frypan is also the cookpot’s lid.

$13 at Campmor or < $10 at Wal-Mart.

FLATWARE- Lexan Utensils

Lightweight and durable. Can’t beat that with a stick as far as I’m concerned. Strong as steel per ounce and those are few ounces. 2 oz. for the set of fork, knife, teaspoon and soup spoon. An added plus is that you can actually cut with the knife. Only thing lighter would be the ones you ‘borrow’ for McDonald’s, but these are far more durable. Of course, the spork would be really cool to have….

$3 at Campmor, $2 at some local stores and cheaper still if you buy in a package of 4 sets ($6 at some local stores).

WATER BOTTLE- 32 oz Nalgene, Lexan

Not bad. A tad heavy, but just about the only thing that will accept rehydrating food, boiling water and really good freezes. They don’t hold odors (except garlic, I’ve found- that bottle is now for dog water) and are totally leakproof and unbreakable. If you are more worried about weight than anything else, go somewhere else, but otherwise these are fine.

About $6-8 at any outdoor store.


Tested and true. Good stuff. Iodine tablets that have a second part that gets rid of most of the iodine taste. Will kill Giardia if you use the right amount and wait long enough. Will NOT kill Cryptosporidium. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the only way to be sure you are rid of micro organisms is filtering or boiling. If in doubt, boil.

$5 at any outdoor store, and most ‘mega’ stores as well.