Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Will you send me a catalogue?
A: No. I don’t have a catalogue for anything on my site. It’s all build-your-own stuff. If you want to buy something from this site, the best I have to offer is the eshop at Crazy Bastard Outfitters, which has logo items such as t-shirts and coffee mugs.

Q: Will you advertise my product?
A: No. I do not accept compensation for using any product or service. That said, I do like to test and use gear and am willing to test gear for manufacturers and give commentary. If I use a product and like it, I will recommend it. The vast majority of my testing and reviews are done through in accordance with their bylaws.

Q: Where do I get the materials to make the gear on your site?
A: You can get the materials to make most of the gear on this site at the following retailers:

Each carries different products at different prices. Shop around for sales and specials. All are great to work with.

Q: Why is your Rottweiler funny colored?
A: He’s not a Rottie. He’s a Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog. This breed comes in many colors, merle/leopard (blue, red, or yellow), solid (black, red, or yellow), patchwork (primarily one solid color with patches of other colors), or brindle. They may also be with or without white, tan, or brindle trim (any or all of the above). Beau is a blue leopard with tan trim and a very small amount of white, Lucy–Lucy Anna Skye, MB-CD, CGC– was red leopard with tan and white trim. Tommy–Thomas T.–Was black patchwork with brindle and white trim.

Q: Why did you dock your dog’s tail?
A: Beau was born with a natural bobtail– he came that way. It’s not a common trait in Catahoulas, but it does happen. In the NALC the trait is a severe fault, in the UKC it is a fault, and the ACA and ARF do not fault this trait. Beau–3-x BIMBS, RBIMBS GRCH Cat’s Cradle’s Beaufort, CGC, TDI, BPGM– is the first UKC champion bobtailed Catahoula and the first Catahoula in any registry to overcome this particular fault to earn the title of Champion. He went on from his Champion to be the very first UKC Grand Champion bobtail Catahoula as well. He is also the first bobtailed Catahoula to win Best in Show in the UKC (he is a Reserve Best in Show and multiple BIS winner). He is the first Catahoula to be titled in backpacking.

For more information on the natural bobtail trait in Catahoulas, please visit the Bobtail Catahoula Association website.