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Past Trips

Here are some stories and photos of trips I’ve taken in the past. High Country Pathway 2005 Trip Photos 2005 High Country Pathway 2004 Potowatomi Trail 2004 Manistee River Trail 2002

Lucy’s Awards

Lucy Anna Skye, MB-CD, CGC Mixed Breed Dog Clubs of America Companion Dog American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Owned by Amanda Tikkanen Handled by Amanda Tikkanen

The Fairgrounds

I competed in 4-H in Indiana for 4 years and one year as a leader. I’m trying to make as much information on the 4-H Dog Project available as possible. Here are some documents...

Pedigree for Cats Cradle’s Beaufort

GRCH Cats Cradle’s Beaufort, CGC, TDI, BPGM, BPDX Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog Blue Leopard, tan trim, and white Eyes: R-blue with brown crack, L-blue 24.5″ 80 pounds D.O.B. 2000/07/08 Breeder: Mary Langevin, Cat’s Cradle...

Working Dog Requirements

Wet Dog (possibly no longer offering titles–you must contact the yahoogroup owner for more information) W.E.T. D.O.G WET DOG offers the following Back Packing titles: Back-Pack Started, Back-Pack Junior, Back-Pack Advanced, Back-Pack Master and...