SPARCS 2014 Conference (Free Live Stream)

SPARCS is an organization dedicated to scientific research and debate regarding canine behavior.

This year the topics include aggression and conflict, personality and temperament, and science in training. The speakers will touch on topics such as why different breeds act differently, neuroscience of behaviors, neurochemistry of behavior and motivation, temperament and personality (both canine and human), body language, learning theory/cognition, and more on the nature/nurture debate.

If you’re at all into dog training as a vocation or avocation this is worth checking out. There isn’t a dog trainer or owner who couldn’t benefit from many of these topics. Body language alone is a big help to many owners, especially those who encounter novel situations such as what we deal with on the trail (trail users, animals, situations, etc.)

Catch the live stream or watch past videos at the SPARCS website.