EveryTrail App

I’ve been out walking the world a bit and haven’t posted in several months.

One of the things I’ve discovered very recently is a cool mobile app called EveryTrail.

This app tracks your trip (hike, bike, paddle, etc.) via your mobile device’s GPS and allows you to do things such as make maps, add photos, write guides and reviews of your trip, and share your trip on your blog (or website, facebook or wherever social media takes you).

I played with it a bit at a training session for work last week and I see a lot of usefulness for sharing my hikes with friends, families, and you guys—my readers.

Keep an eye out for this and more as I hit the trail this summer.

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  1. The EveryTrail app is one that I have used on my phone for a while and is one of two favorites. It’s really helped me while I hike, which I do often. One other app that I love using is the Dish Remote Access app. I like streaming my live and recorded TV to my phone through the Sling Adapter I have connected to my receiver at home. I like to keep up on my shows during my breaks, so while one app keeps me from getting lost, the other gets me lost in my shows!

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