Late Summer Catching Up

My summer has been very busy, so I haven’t had much time to post, nor has there been anything particularly interesting to post about.

The big news is that I just got back from a short jaunt to Ontario where I competed in a Canadian Rare Breed Specialty with both of my dogs. Yup–both of them. I got to see Ranger as the original plan was to take him home this weekend, however I will be waiting to get him back until after a field trial in two weeks. This is to allow him more time to exercise, train, and socialize before that trial. He’s in excellent condition and has much more confidence now than he had just a few short months ago.

Ranger did not place in the Specialty, but that is just fine. Beau won the Canadian Bred class and brought home a nice new fluffy bed to sleep on.

My other big happening is pretty lame, but I feel I should share because I try to give tips on saving money and/or resources as possible. My stove crapped out. It was at least 16 years old and has a digital readout that has already been replaced once (prior to my moving into this residence) for the tune of $80-90. When the controls went out I could no longer turn off my oven, so it was constantly on at 400 degrees F. Not good. I shut it off at the breaker box then turned to my good friend, Craigslist for a replacement. I found a similar, but older and dial-controlled, model of my stove for $30. The upside is that I saved something from the landfill, but the downside is that it’s not terribly energy efficient, so it uses far more electricity than it should. It will, however, last me until I can afford to buy and Energy Star certified stove. The broken stove will be headed to the scrap recycling center this week.

My other frugality of the year is that I’m attempting to make a large portion of my winter holiday gifts this year. I have an embarrassingly large collection of cotton yarn, so I’m making a number of mesh shopping bags. Each will be filled with some sort of goodies for the recipient. I will post pictures later as some of the people who are getting the bags read this blog and I want to surprise them at least a little bit.

The weather and my work/travel schedule has been killing my shot at miles for the year. I bought a new saddle for my bike and haven’t been able to really try it out. Instead of moving the goalpost I will continue to chip away at the mileage goal. Even if I don’t make it is a good goal for me. My clothes are fitting better, so I know I’m doing something right.