Spring is just around the corner

Hey guys,

Spring is just around the corner. I spent today doing some spring cleaning, including sprucing up the outdoor dog run so the dogs can spend unsupervised time outside. Next up: clearing through the clutter in my house and re-purposing things.

I’ve been very quiet here and that’s not at all on purpose—a few things came up in my personal life that I needed to address. In addition, I’ve spent the last few months deciding what I want to do to keep this site going into the next decade (seriously, I’ve had this site since late 2001 or so). The number one thing is I will be doing to keep myself motivated (both online and in my non-paying life) is posting at least once per week. In the world of the blogosphere, that’s not a ton, but it’s what I can manage while also making a living. Most of the posts will still deal with the types of things I’ve always dealt with—the dogs and hiking—but I’ll also be branching out a bit more as time allows.

Now here’s the thing—if at all possible, share content you find here with your friends. There are links in the sidebars that will help you syndicate or share on digg, Fark, reddit, boingboing, Facebook, Buzz, etc. The more the site has readers, the more feedback I get, and the more I can do to bring cool stuff in to look at.

And, speaking of Facebook, if you like this site and the content here, become a fan.

Thanks hikers, traildoggers, outdoors-people, makers, DIYers, doers, crafters, and all other types of people who have stopped by over the years. Without your support I couldn’t keep this thing going.