2009/12/16–Weekend Fun with Beau and Ranger

I took the boys on an end-of-the-year road trip for conformation and performance events.

In 6 shows Beau won the Grand Champion class three times.

Mr. Ranger was the superstar for me this weekend with a Reserve Champion win in a class of 6 dogs, a Champion of Champions win in a class of 6 dogs (for the second win toward his Grand Champion title). From the Champion class win he went on to win Best of Breed over Mr. Beau, giving him an additional 6 Top Ten points for 2009. Depending on how things shake out this means Ranger should finish out 2009 as ranked in the breed Top Ten. Since he was only eligible partway through January, and I didn’t start showing him until February, this is really cool.

Because Ranger is more than just a pretty face, I entered him in weight pull. He did not get a qualifying pull on Friday night, however he pulled well Saturday and Sunday, giving him the last two pulls needed for his UKC United Weight Puller title. His full name is now:

UWP CH J Cross’ Currahee

Ranger had an excellent year in shows and performance. I look forward to many more years of fun and excitement with this little guy. I will not be pulling Ranger in competition again until at least July 2010.