2009/09/22–Ranger’s New Job

I ordered a weight pull harness for Ranger from Brown Dog Designs. He’s too young to start heavy weight training, but he’s old enough to get used to wearing the harness, getting the feel of weight behind him, learning the word “work” and so on.

I built him a little sled based on the design here.

I harnessed him up.

Told him to stand and stay.

Then he got excited.

But eventually he settled down.

I’m looking forward to training this guy to be a weight puller. He takes to it naturally, probably because he wants to please me. That and he’s a very strong dog. I will keep you updated with his progress.

Note: the drag sled is for when he is older. It’s really too heavy for him to work out with now, but I thought it would be nice for a photo op. I had no idea he’d be able to pull it already.

For more information on weight pulling with your dog see:

Submitted by Sandysmommy (not verified) on Fri, 2010-03-12 14:18.
I love this dog. I love how the 1st picture of him says “I love you and want to please you”. What a smart looking doggie!!!!