2009/07/08–Sierra Club Trails

I got an email press release today regarding a cool site that goes live tomorrow: SierraClubTrails.org

The site is out of beta and releasing on time (July 9, 2009). It’s a wiki with information on trails, so other hikers can log on and keep the info on a hike up-to-date, including trail conditions, reroutes, local events, bugs, mud, ease of getting a camp site, etc. The site is prepped, not only for hiking/paddling info, but birding, photo contests, audio content, an online community, and more.

This sounds like a really cool thing and I hope it goes well. Please check it out and leave a comment on what you think of it.

Side note: Today is Beau’s 9th birthday, but you’d be hard pressed to guess that. He’s still full of energy and “go” to play and hike with Ranger and me. I went for a short paddle today, and plan to get the boys out for a long hike this weekend. Ranger’s 1st birthday is a week from today, so we have plenty of excuses to get out and enjoy the weather.