Sisu Catahoulas

I’ve owned Catahoulas since 1996 and have been competing with them in United Kennel Club events since 2001.

I became an an NALC-certified breeder in 2009. I do not have puppies at this time, and it will likely be several years before I do.

I believe in doing something with my dogs–it might be backpacking, varmint control, weight pull, obedience, or anything else the dog shows an aptitude for. I feel keeping the dogs active mentally and physically helps them live long, healthy, happy lives.

Sisu Catahoulas will soon have its own domain. In the mean time, it will be hosted here at

Please look at the accomplishments of my dogs, Cat’s Cradle’s Beaufort (“Beau”) and J Cross’ Currahee (“Ranger”).

Cat’s Cradle’s Beaufort

J Cross’ Currahee

The name Sisu comes from a Finnish word meaning persaverance, tenacity, spunk, and guts. I–like most of my family–have been through a number of events in my life that have taught me to keep going even against tremendous odds. I feel this is also true of my dogs–they are smart, strong, determined animals and I wouldn’t want to go through life without them.