2009/02/23– Ranger and Beau’s Weekend Show Results

This weekend Beau, Ranger, and I traveled to my old stomping grounds of Ann Arbor, MI to compete in Ranger’s first “big boy” UKC show (he was show in Non-Licensed Puppy classes in December 2008 for the practice). Despite the snow and having friends help handle the boys did well. I even got to visit with some of my family and had them cheer for us, which was very nice. Beau also competed in the Non-Licensed Veteran class (open to dogs 7 years and older). He did not place, but it was nice to have him out there with so many other dogs who are aging gracefully.

On Saturday, under Judge Deb Beean, Ranger won Best of Breed by defeating Beau. This was his first competitive win towards his UKC Champion title.

On Sunday, under Judge Beth Snedegar, Beau won Best of Breed, defeating two dogs, including Ranger.

Ranger now has all 100 points needed for his UKC Champion title, but still needs two more competitive wins. For a 7 month old puppy, this is not bad. I’m glad to see he’s got what it takes to beat a Grand Champion, even if it is my own big baby.