2008/12/19–Beau’s Portrait

Remember the portrait of Beau being done by Danielle at Petable Portraits? It came and it’s fantastic.  I can’t begin to describe how wonderful this portrait is and how much it means to me. When I look at the picture I think, “That’s my boy. That’s Beau.”

Today I picked up Beau’s portrait from the framer’s. I had the picture framed, matted, and put under conservation glass, however it’s not non-glare since that made it difficult to see the excellent details of the work. In the portrait you can see each individual hair on Beau. Wow. It still just absolutely floors me the level of detail that Danielle was able to get with colored pencil–it has been mistaken for a photo by more than one person. I never realized a simple colored pencil could be so sophisticated.

I matched the matting to the color of the bridge behind Beau in the portrait, and the frame is similar to weathered barn siding.

I wasn’t able to take a great picture due to the way the lighting in my house is, but you can see how much work went into this project. It’s something I have displayed proudly in my home and I will have it for the rest of my life.

ETA: the framing was done by Allain Gallery in Richmond, IN.