2007/12/10– Beau’s UKC C.A.T.S. Show Results

Beau showed this weekend at a United Kennel Club dog show hosted by Canine Activities and Traditional Sports in Danville, Indiana. Here are his results:

Saturday, Show 1, Judge Diana Allen: Group 4 of 5

Saturday, Show 2, Judge Joe Allen: Group 1 of 5

Saturday, Show 1, Judge Jeanne Heger: Group 3 of 5

Saturday, Show 2, Judge Richard Klatt: Group 4 of 5

2007 turned out to be a pretty good year for Beau, considering we missed a lot of shows for health problems (I missed two from my broken ankle, one from having the growths removed from Beau), and two or three from the schedule conflicting with our moving for the new job. He finished his Grand Champion, had nine Group placements (four 2s, three 3s, & four 4s), in addition to two Group 1s! He also had enough Breed wins to be ranked in the Top Ten for the second year in a row (the official rankings aren’t out yet, so I’m not sure where he finished in the rankings). Not bad at all. He also finished a backpacking title, I just haven’t received the certificate yet.

I’m going to be adding another Catahoula to the pack some time in 2008. When, exactly, depends on Mother Nature’s schedule. I’m looking forward to having another dog. It’s been very lonely having only one dog the past four months since Lucy passed. Stay tuned for updates.

Update for 2008/01/13– Beau finished #4 for the breed in the Top Ten rankings.

Wow, Mr. Beau! Way to go!!!

Submitted by Sandy and Denise (not verified) on Wed, 2007-12-26 21:55.
Wow, Mr. Beau! Way to go!!! That’s awesome. Amanda, you should be very proud of both yourself and of Beau!