2007/10/24– My New Place

I’m settling in well in my new place. There is a TON of dayhiking literally in my back yard. There’s also a good deal of great overnight to weeklong trips just hours away, which will be awesome for weekend jaunts.

Beau is just starting to get used to the move. It’s hard for him since he’s rarely been all alone before. To help him cope with being lonely I got him a clock radio. That didn’t help much. He started doing things to keep himself entertained, such as: opening doors, opening the fridge, and eating what he’s found in the fridge. I went home to visit this past weekend and returned with just what he needed: a new little friend. He has his own kitten now. Once he figured out that he’s not allowed to pick him up like a stuffed toy, he’s being very good with him and keeping him safe (kinda like KoKo’s Kitten). Kitten has no name as yet, but I’m thinking of either Arreau (to go with Beau) or R.C. for Rain Cloud… Cuz he’s a little black Rain Cloud, of course. (kitty is a fuzzy black kitty)

Beau may also have a new job (which, surprisingly, will help with my REAL job) in the spring. I will comment on that if I can get it off the ground. I’m also hoping to get a new puppy in the spring, so Beau will have several friends again– very good for him since he’s always been in a busy household.

I also tried a national dial-up service for about a month to be sure I’d have access. Unfortunately, they’re crazy slow, even for dial-up. Fortunately for me, DSL is available here, so I’ve got that now at about the same price as what dial-up usually costs. Yay me!