2007/03/12– Update on My Leg, Beau’s Shows, and Podcasts for Your Listening Pleasure

I have started my physical therapy for my broken leg and ankle sprain. I’m doing quite well, but it’ll be some time yet before I’m on the trail, unfortunately.

In the mean time, my brother over at TikkiWeb has gotten me hooked on various podcasts, including 7th Son and Brave Men Run. I’m now catching up on old episodes of Wildebeat and Trailcast.

Which brings me to a question. Or rather two and a little bragging about my little corner of the web.

I have about 2000 visits to this site daily and about 75-90 RSS feed subscribers. The actual number varies from week to week.

Would anyone be interested in me having a podcast for this site? If there were enough call for such a thing, what should be offered on the podcast? Tips? Tech? Journals from the trail? Random musings on life? Let me know via the links on the left (I don’t have the “poll” function down pat yet, so I’m relying on good old-fashioned email).

And for something completely different, I got a nice, shiny, certificate in the mail today from the UKC proclaming “CH Cat’s Cradle’s Beaufort” the #2 UKC Catahoula for 2006, and an invite to compete in the Best in Top Ten Competition in June. My entry is in tomorrow’s mail!

Thanks to all the regular and new readers. Even if you’re silent, I appreciate that you’re here.