2007/02/25– Update on My Leg

I am healing up. I have been through one lime green fiberglass cast, two black fiberglass casts (the first one started to fall apart and bunch up under my heel), and am now on a walking cast.

When I first broke my leg I was told it takes six weeks to heal. Two weeks later it was at least six weeks to heal. Okay, that’s only slightly different, but that’s okay. When I went in on Thursday, a full five weeks after the initial break, I was told I’ll be in the walking cast for two weeks (seven weeks now, if you’re counting), then maybe, if everything’s going well, I can think about starting Physical Therapy.

I’m not sure how long PT is going to take, but it looks like all the snow will be long gone before I’m back on the trail. Beau is looking a little round and with Premier, the Catahoula Specialty, and Best in Top Ten competition only 4 months away… well, I hope I get to walk or ride a bike as part of my PT so Beau gets a little, too.