Trail Food

I recently completed a trip that was not nearly as comfortable as it should have been due to poor menu planning. No, I didn’t go hungry, but I did end up with about five pounds of food I didn’t eat. I planned no-cook meals but ended up eating just candy bars, jerky, chocolate pudding and Tang. I’ve since learned my lesson and realized how important it is to make food that cuts ounces without sacrificing flavor or variety.

Many of the dehydrator recipes listed here can also be made in a conventional oven. That said, I don’t have the conversions from dehydrator to conventional oven as I have never dried foods in a conventional oven. There are many good articles available on the web explaining how to dehydrate food using an oven.

  • Breakfast– Start your morning out right.
  • Jerky– Some various Jerky marinades and tips on drying.
  • Fruit– Fruit leathers, candied fruit, miscellaneous fruit goodies.
  • Vegetables– Vegetable recipes including soups and sauces.
  • Sauces– Pasta sauces, gravies, other yummy goo.
  • Misc.– Other goodies that don’t really fit anywhere else- breads, cakes, pizza, etc.