Linking to My Site

If you want to link to my site, feel free to do so. If you are into graphical links here are some banners and buttons I put together for just that purpose. Right-click, “Save As” then upload the image(s) to your site. If you are used to text links, that’s just as good.

I only ask that you link only to the main page –as I may rename other pages in the future– and that you let me know where the link is so I can link back to your site.

Industry standard, 125 X 90

Industry standard (square) 125 X 125

Not quite industry standard (square) 150 X 150

Not Industry standard, 468 X 75

Not industry standard, 468 X 90

Industry standard, 88 X 31

I’ll add more in the future, but these should do well for now.

Thank you kindly!