This might seem a little out of place on a backpacking site, at least at first.

One of my many hobbies is one that keeps me busy during backpacking’s off season, if there really is such a thing. Despite being of Scandanavian descent, I’m not big on going out into the cold unless I have to (I froze my feet one winter after falling in a river, so I’m not too eager to repeat the experience). To keep busy in the winter I knit. I’ve made many items, and will post the patterns for several items I’ve designed once I get them perfected. I have several prototypes made, but I want to get them perfect before I share.

Items I have made in the past:

  • Navy/black/cadet blue Hot Damn #3 blanket (for a guy I no longer date– I didn’t know about the knitting curse) (2002)
  • Purple/white Hot Damn #3 blanket for my neice (2002)
  • Navy/white Hot Damn #3 for my nephew (2002)
  • Charcoal gray Hot Damn #3 for my parents (I made it for myself, but they liked it so I let them have it) (2002)
  • HATS!! many, many, many hats and scarves for my 9 neices and nephews, and one for my best friend, some for myself (2003-present)
  • TONS of dishcloths for friends and family (2002-present)
  • Blue fluffy garter stitch blanket for my Dad (Red Heart Light and Lofty) (2004)
  • Pink afghan–ended up as a gift for friends who opened their home to Beau and me when we went to Toronto in 2006 (Bernat Big Value- Rose?) (2004)
  • Red with colored speckles Wonderful Wallaby for my neice (Lion Brand Wool Ease-Red Sprinkles) (2004)
  • Fisherman’s Wool hat and mittens for myself (they work well in my pack) (Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool) (2004)
  • Big Bad Baby Blanket (Plymouth Encore Colorspun Worsted Weight, color: “Carribean”) for my neice (2005)
  • Socks-my first and, so far, only pair (Lion Brand Magic Stripes) (2005)
  • Scarves for my sisters-in-law and brothers (Christmas 2005)
  • Off-White seed stitch blanket for my nephew (2006)
  • Wonderful Wallaby (cool fluffy cotton; Bernat Denimstyle) for my nephew’s 4th birthday (2006)
  • Rainbow afghan for my best friend when she went to California in 2006. Various worsted weight acrylics (2006)
  • Lillie’s Little Sweater (hoodless version) for my niece at Christmas in Plymouth Encore (pink, purple, blue, and tan) (2006)
  • Burp Rags from the pattern in Mason Dixon Knitting. Did 4-5 of these for each of the new babies at Christmas (2006)
  • Lillie’s Little Sweater (hooded version) for a friend’s new granddaughter in Cascade Cherub Kaleidescope (Paintbox #1321) (2007)
  • Ear flap cap for myself to wear in my sleeping bag while hiking. Various scraps of Noro left over from Lizard Ridge afghan (2007)
  • Ear flap cap for my bother–Firefly “Jayne Hat” aka “Cunning Hat”. Brown Sheep Company’s Lamb’s Pride (Orange You Glad, Lemon Drop, Red House Passion) (2007)
  • “Amanda” backpack in Paton’s Classic Wool Merino (Kool-Aid dyed verigated) (2007)

Works in Progress:

  • Hunter green and white ripple afghan (my college’s school colors). The knitting is done, I just need to weave in a zillion ends.
  • Lizard Ridge afghan from Knitty (all the knitting is done, I just have to finish blocking, sewing together, and adding an edging). (Noro, various colorways)
  • “Amanda” backpack in Paton’s Classic Wool Merino (color: Harvest)
  • Log cabin (mystery colors since it’s for my neice and I’m not saying with one, either!)

Future works:

  • Hot Damn #3 for my oldest brother (he likes the one I made for his son…)
  • Blankets for the women’s shelter
  • Cotton Big Bad Baby Blanket or dishcloth blankets
  • Cotton shopping bags
  • Felted shoulder bag
  • Felted clogs
  • Hockey sweater

Here are links to some patterns, especially the HOT DAMN! blankets: